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Footprints in strip club!

Yes, the title is correct, I said a strip club. My husband is the manager/dj at our local adult club, where he has been employed for the last 13 years. This leaves me plenty of opportunities to go to the club, lots of “employee” parties, ect.

When my daughter is gone on the weekends, I sometimes will go into the club and hang out with my man. Yes, I am a female, I let my hubby work there, and I hang out there. Wait for the shocker…. I use to work there also.

Yeah, yeah, so some of you ladies out there do not like the idea of such places, or their female employees. I have one thing to say. Get over it. If you do not like those places, then just don’t go.

Okay, I am getting away from the purpose of my post…. my footprints! So when I have time off I will go hang out with him. I love the black lights against white! And it just so happened that I had on my white shoes that night and when I took a pic, the effect was awesome. It stayed my profile pic on my facebook page for quite sometime!

My feet!!

feet+ strip club= blackliight feet!


During the annual Anniversary party, I will go in and help out. Speaking of which… it is coming up in August. There is nothing exciting about helping out (and no I do not mean dancing). I work the door, clean the tables, and do whatever I am needed to do.  Since my hubby is the main man at the club, helping out is just second nature to me.

working at the club!!

Annual Ann. Party

It is not always helping out, or hanging out. There are times there are cookouts, or parties for family members. Such as grad parties, baby showers, ect.

Grad party for owners daughter!

Feet, club, and some drinks!


DJ Th0r4z1n3

Best DJ in the world!







The Crowd

Brad doing what he does best......


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Footprints at the lake

There is a pretty decent restaurant in Sandusky, Ohio. It is on the lake,and the view from the windows of the tables are the lake, docks filled with sail boats and yachts, and across the lake is Cedar Point; one of the best amusement parks in the U.S.

Well, after a nice meal with my hubby and daughter, we decided to walk the pier, with the setting sun not far away on the horizon of the Lake. We walked the pier and found a bench where we could sit peacefully and relax amidst the waves and calming breeze.

watching the sunset

Lake Erie Pier foot adventures


Once the sun set over the water, we decided to head back home. It was not anything extravagant, but it made a great memory for the family, especially our 8 yr old daughter so go to see seagulls up close. put quarters in the binoculars and watch the rides across the lake going up the hills…. and then come down with lightning speed. We even got to squish dad’s head…….

I am gonna call him squishy and he will be mine!

Squished at the lake!!!


*Author’s side note: no one was harmed in the making of this blog post. The man in the photo is my husband and I can guarantee that he is very much alright and not squished!!!


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My feet adventures were missing something. New shoes? That was my first thought, so I added new shoes to my adventures.


Black and White Shape-ups

The new shape-ups. Can you believe they actually, truly come with a DVD? I shit you not. True story. ha ha. Wow. So my feet finally felt complete. Then, it felt like there was just something missing again. So what do  i do? I add another pair of shoes.Logical step, isn’t it? I thought so.

Silver side up!

Silver Shape-ups

Well, since I loved my new shape-ups, why not add another pair? A Silver pair!? And so I did. I ordered them offline,and they arrived the morning of my surgery. While in the hospital for my surgery, obviously, I did not wear shoes. Just those beautiful hospital issued socks that are sooooooo attactive!

hospital socks

Attractive Hospital Socks

So while wearing these, outside footwear did not really cross my mind while I was in there. Yet, the time came for me to go home and my footwear became an issue again. I had to wear these attractive trendy socks for 2 weeks following my surgery. They are used to prevent blood clots. Apparently my $100.00 shape ups are not considered “preventing blood clot material” hmph.

Two weeks passed and my feet felt neglected. What else could I do? I did what anyone would do, I turned my attention to tattoos! I went from no tats on my shape-up covered feet to:

Heart toe Ring tat

Heart toe ring tat

Daughter Tat

My daughter's Name

The toe ring tat hurt, of course. I wanted to kick the artist. Needle to bone, I do not recommend it. Just sayin….. Then there is my daughter’s name on the top of my feet. I had my 7 year old daughter write her name, and then I wrote her middle name, and he used our handwriting as the tattoo itself.

Funny enough, my feet feel complete following the Tat-toes! Perhaps a little bit of color or designs will be added to Brooklyn Suzann in the future, but for now…. my feet are satisfied.

So, upon my conclusion of my Tat-toes, I walk another day to leave footprints.


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Surgery Feet

Cancer? Phewy! You can’t stop me. After a long fight not only with cancer cells and tumors; but other problems, it came down to only one option….surgery. Yes, at 33 me and Brad had to make the hard decision – a full hysterectomy. Which means, no more kids. So, I did what I had to do. I went under the knife.

Ready or Not!

Wrapped and Ready for Surgery!

The surgery went well. The pain was terrible, but I survived and am able to walk more adventures. The post surgery recovery has been a little hard. I have taken a couple of falls, and did not “really” listen to the restrictions that were given to me. despite what people may or may not think, I am a little more stubborn than your average bear. I need no help and can and will do it by myself. This is what got me in to trouble. EEK!

Pump pump pump pump


These pumps on my feet were weird! They pumped up every few minutes and they would squeeze my feet. Which felt good, sort of like a massage, yet really annoying when you are trying to sleep! As if the nurses coming in every hour to take your blood pressures wasn’t a disturbance enough, they add these cute little things. I should have taken them home with me when I was discharged from the hospital!!

Bringing Mommy Presents!

Presents for the Surgery Patient!

The positives of the surgery out weighed the negatives. In the end it was the best decisions. I have no regrets. I have my moments where I see pregnant friends, or cute little newborn babies; however I will enjoying it from afar and enjoy my nights of sleep that are not interrupted by crying babies, colic, teething, ect!!

The Patient and the Princess

The Patient and the Princess

So, upon my conclusion of my surgery feet, I walk another day to leave footprints.


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Sports Camp with Brooklyn

After a long day of drama, unforeseen problems and taking Brooklyn to sports camp – me and my feet are relaxing. Brooklyn signed up for Cheer leading camp, which she loved. But man, was it hot outside. That sun is fierce. And of course the medicine that I am on becomes amplified by 100 times when I am in the sun. Which wouldn’t be bad, but the effects are drowsiness, lethargic, and zombie like state.

She had fun though. She is going to go Mon-Fri and she seems to really like it. The church it is being held out sounds like a good church and I think when I get my license back that we will give this church a try. Too bad it is the next town over and not in walking distance down the street from our house. But thankfully my MIL came and took us. So Brooklyn got to go to camp, and spend time with Grandma too.

So after a long day of all this fun excitement, I decided to paint my toes and give my new feet a new design. However, I think now I am going to give my feet a soak with some nice exfoliating stuff and relax until tomorrow when it is time for Week 3 of therapy and another night of Sports camp.


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Me and my feet at the Drs

Me and my feet at the Drs

Went to the doctor this morning to get an MRI done on my right knee. The joy of it all. They had the room so freaking cold I could barely stand it. The nurse informs me she will get me a blanket and brings me a sheet. The bottom sheet to a bed. Really? I mean, seriously? She then wrapped me in it like it was a cocoon. It didn’t help. I was still freezing the entire time. Thankfully, the half an hour went pretty fast and me and my feet were able to get outta there. They wouldn’t let me take a pic of my feet when I was getting ready to go into the MRI machine. Drats. I tried.


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